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DISKLIE comic collage zine. 44 pages of chaos and absurdity. 50 pieces limited edition.

On the 2nd of May, WEIRD organised a very special workshop as part of the Comic Invasion Berlin satellite events. The aim for the participants was to cut comic pages to bits and glue them back together to form their own version of the comics. But it wasn’t any old comic pages, 14 Berlin based artists donated their work to be mercilessly torn appart and recombined in a brutal act of creative destruction! The resulting craziness was put together in the form of a zine to be shared with the world.

With pages from Judy Moore (organiser),Paul Winck (organiser), Smirk (organiser), Sushi, Sebastian Strombach, Vera Bekema, Elsa Klée, Dirk Verschure, Zora Sauerteig, Noémie Fantôme, Ise Lee, Ann Bahrs, Lukasz Majcher, Karla Paloma and ale rodriguez.

Language(s) : mix of English, French and German.



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