WEIRD is a comic label, a micro publishing house, making literature in the form of comics. Its goal is to promote these Berlin made comics in and outside of Germany to a wider audience to help readers discover new artists. WEIRD cares about storytelling just as much as illustration and encourages the exploration of new forms of narration. With its affordable prices, WEIRD strives to make its beautiful comics available to all.

Physical locations to get WEIRD comics:

Berlin :
– Renate Comic Bibliothek, Tucholskystr. 32 10117.
– Neurotitan Shop & Gallery, Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 .
Amsterdam : Lambiek Comics, Koningstraat 27A 1011 ET.
Vienna : Pictopia Comics, Liechtensteinstraße 64, 1090.
Brussels : La Petite Fan
zinothèque Belge, 66 rue des plantes 1210. Every first Wednesday of the month. 

portrait of Paul Winck
Photo credits: Astrid Grabner 2021

About Paul Winck

Paul Winck is a Berlin based comic artist born in 1992 in Strasbourg. After spending some years in London and Paris he decides to settle down in Berlin and creates WEIRD in 2019. Originally an umbrella project for his many different artistic activities, WEIRD later evolved into a comic label. Paul self publishes his work and participates in numerous zines. His work addresses the feeling of not fitting in, self acceptance and relationships.
Dec. 2021 Néant, Beherit.
Sept. 2021 Autobiographical Tijuana Bibles, Bilderberg. 
June 2021 The Comic Book, 68 pages, WEIRD.  
May 2020 Age d’Or, Beherit.
May 2019 The Knight and the Little Girl, 26 pages, WEIRD.
May 2018 The Creature with no Name and the Traveler, 40 pages, WEIRD.
Oct. 2021 24H comic Berlin.
AUg. 2021 Art Horse Bazar, Wagenburg Lohmühle Berlin.
Aug. 2021 Berliner Comic Fenster.
Nov 2020 Comic Invasion Berlin, Festival.
April 2019 “Fighting Aesthetic” Open Talk at Das Kapital Berlin.
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